When … by Hayley M Clearihan, Author HMC

When by Hayley M Clearihan HMCWhen the poorest family can still feed their children.

When gay marriage is normal.

When people smile at each other. Continue reading


We’re all Mad Here

We’ve gone mad.


No really, the world has lost touch with reality.

How far will we have to go before we’re all pushed over the edge, and start laughing at how absolutely ridiculous all of this is? How long before our kids turn around and say, ‘What are you people thinking? You’re the role models? HA! What chance have we got if we listen to you?’

Now, don’t take that personally, I’m just being a smart arse, but here’s the thing:

I’m starting to realise why we get so overwhelmed with life. It’s not because we never stop doing, it’s because we NEVER STOP THINKING. See the crazy woman walking down the street so stuck in her own thoughts that she’s actually saying them out loud because she no longer understands the difference? That could be me one day if I’m not careful. Continue reading