Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Mods, Oh My!

I love tattoos.

I have since I was twelve years old, and I started copying them out of magazines 66442_10150670872028303_1038181154_nin the motorcycle garage belonging to a friend of the family. It’s how I learned to draw. Well, how I got started, anyway. The moment I found out you could create a piece of art, put it on your body, and it would stay there, I was in awe. And I was definitely getting one. One day.

I had my angel drawn and ready to go when I was 16, and got it at 18. My ‘two year rule’ started from there. You see, people regret tattoos sometimes, and I don’t want to end up one of those people. My rule is I can’t get a tattoo done unless I’ve liked the idea for over two years. It’s why I only have a few, and I’m not yet covered.

I often have people stare, and not always in a good way, but most of the time, I don’t really care. People need to understand something about those that have tattoos, piercings, and body mods.




They are wonderful, sexy, scary, and awesome. And frankly, I find people with tattoos more attractive. You prefer blondes, slim women, or chicks with big boobs? Great, I like tatts. You prefer hair swept to the side, coutoure, stiletos? Great, I love piercings. They’re hot.

Another thing people ask is, what about work? I choose to keep my tattoos covered at work, and there are even some days I wear tops to hide them on purpose when out and about. Some days I just want to keep them to myself. It’s the same thing as deciding, ‘hey, do I feel like showing a little big of leg today? Nah, not in the mood.’ OR ‘yeah, let’s get them out, I’m feeling sassy.’


One of our recent library books. Too cute!

I’m also teaching my daughter about tattoos. She sees them as something quite normal in our family, but soon she’ll start to overhear comments from others, and I want her to know I stand firm in my beauty beliefs. I want her to know beauty is an idea, and everyone’s ideas are different.

I’ll never forget when a tutor of mine told us all (during psychology) that all people with tattoos are insecure. He’d not seen mine, obviously. I found it an interesting idea, and recall thinking to myself … ‘sure, I’m insecure. We all are to some extent. Isn’t it funny how I’m pigeon-holed like that for my ideas about beauty and art?’ I approached him after the tutorial and he stood firm that tattoos are for those who need outside recognition. I was never going to change his mind. I realised then, I didn’t need to. You see, he was never going to change mine either. It was the very first time in my life I ever truly agreed to disagree.

The world is a magical place because of our differences. Our ideas about beauty will never be aligned. It’s the same as our idea about religion, marriage, and parenting. When you see someone with tattoos, piercings, or body mods and can’t quite seem to understand how or why they would do that to themselves, try to remember … they can’t understand why you wouldn’t!





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