Antiques and Oddities Mount Tamborine

I had a wonderful weekend away with hubby. We went ALL THE WAY up to Mount Tamborine (a whopping 20 minutes away from where we live). We had a great time eating at cafes and sleeping in!

One of the highlights was definitely the Antiques and Oddities ‘shack’ we  thought we might mosey on into.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine

This is Keith being like an “American Picker” except that we couldn’t actually buy anything.

There were two reasons we couldn’t buy anything that day: the first being that we’re renting while we build so I have NO SPACE for new stuff. And secondly, we’re building, so we have no money to spend anyway. Otherwise, I would have come home with a boat load of extremely cool and quirky bits.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine6

This little baby, The Grave Digger, would have been my first offer, but I don’t think she was for sale. She comes fitted with your own personal coffin. Super!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine2

Wandering into the United States of MERCA

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine5

Please excuse my original attire from the set of GAME OF THRONES — I feel a little overdressed. (Yes, I would wear this in public).

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine7

OLD BOOKS. Nuff said.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine10

This stuff was so gorgeous. I could have easily spent hundreds. I’m not sure if any of it was functional, but WOW!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine17

Oh, I say, young chap, would you like some skulls with your medical instruments? Don’t mind if I do!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine14

Creepy doll alert! Yes, there were a few. I promise not to buy one. Pediophobia is a real thing, people.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine13

These would be gorgeous all cleaned up.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine8

This fridge is around a tonne, but it’s goin’ straight to the pool room.

There’s a huge possibility that we’ll head back there when the time comes to decorate our new house. Not sure everyone will love the décor, but hey, not many people would LOVE Antiques and Oddities like Keith and I did. We weren’t too sure about the stuffed doberman or the carved satanic goat’s heads, but each to their own.

It was a highlight of our visit and I recommend you take a peek inside, even for interest’s sake.






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