Art from the Heart, to Mess with the Head.

Cinque Terre by HMC

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Little Red Riding Hood HMC

Little Red Riding Hood HMC

Cinderella by HMC

Cinderella by HMC

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Fooled by the Love Drug

It’s easy to love someone when you first meet and you’re all jacked up on love hormones. You can look at your new fandangle boy or girl toy and say, ‘you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.’ You actually mean it too!


It’s so easy to look past their flaws when the chemicals overtake your brain, for the sake of pro-creation. It’s not real. Sorry. It’s your hormones telling you to make thousands of babies, gay or straight – the love drug finds a way to make wee mini reproductions of YOU.

That’s why we end up six months later, dazed and confused (after the break up) and thinking, ‘but I really thought they could be the one!’ Oh booooy, you got it bad.

But those of you, who know me well, know that I am a true romantic at heart.

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Fair Go, Mate!

freeimage-1564763Last week I said to Hubby: ‘My darling sweet man, I desperately need some new baking trays. Wouldn’t you agree?’ Because that is exactly how I speak, in real life.

‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘Please get some. You could almost classify your old ones as a food group.’

‘Ha! Very funny.’ He was right, though. Years of baking will do that to a beloved tin. There’s always a little bit that won’t scrub off.

Delighted to get out of the house, off I went with a skip and a hop (with baby Charlotte in tow) ready to buy some new trays. Now in my head I was thinking, ‘mortgages, electricity, phone bills, petrol, rates, water bill, Foxtel, internet connection, baby formula, nappies’ and the list goes on.

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Teenagers Today

When you think of the word ‘teenager’ what comes to mind?


If you said something kind, you’d be one of a few. So why do our teens rub so many of us the wrong way? Is it the attitude? The inability to listen? The random acts of ‘ridiculous’, where we hit ourselves in the forehead and say, ‘what the hell were you thinking?’

Teenagers need to argue – it’s part of their biological make-up. They need to see authority as the enemy, holding them back, it’s part of their development on the way to becoming a healthy, well-adjusted adult. That’s a whole other story, though. Have a look.

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Sustainability with African Style – by Lisa Heinze


I’m writing this from Tanzania, where I’ve been for nearly 6 weeks, partly on holiday, partly volunteering, and mostly absorbing all the African culture I can before I leave next week.

It’s been hard to decide what to blog about in Africa. There are some very serious environmental, social and economic sustainability topics I could write about – animal welfare in safari parks, unreliable residential waste removal, the lack of education options for young people. I will write a little bit about these in due time, but first I want to share with you a beautiful and inspirational organisation called Shanga, a group succeeding in making a positive impact on many lives.

How fabulous is their tagline?!

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