How Gestational Diabetes Changed My Life

My family so far

My family so far

I was recently (in the last couple of months) diagnosed with gestational diabetes, or, diabetes when pregnant. I knew there was a potential risk for me, as I am over 3o and have diabetes in my family history.

This means that while I’m pregnant, the hormones are wrecking a little havoc. They have decided that my body will have more difficulty controlling blood sugar levels because I’m having trouble producing insulin, or my tissues are having trouble absorbing it. Pregnant women need extra insulin to help produce a baby, and so guess who gets first dibs?

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Stealth Infections and Mental Illness

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Stealth bacterial or viral infections can lie dormant, and then become active, but remain hidden. Specific bacteria passed on through ticks, known as ‘Borrellia’, don’t have a rigid cell wall, and can change cells, and produce toxins within them. Another example is ‘Bartonella’ or cat scratch disease. And it’s now found everywhere:

‘in domestic dogs, cats, cows, and rodents which can act as bacterial reservoirs. Fleas, lice – and possibly ticks – also act as repositories for different strains of the bacteria.’ ~ Bartonella, the Stealth Pathogen.

The most worrisome thing is, stealth infections may lead to all sorts of chronic illnesses: Continue reading