The Very Inspirational Blogger Award


I was truly humbled when I received a comment from Jim Wright today- better known to the blogging world as OlBigJim . I have not known Jim for long, but in the time that I have, I have found him to be such a gentle and generous soul. Today he shared with me the news that he had nominated me for ‘The Very Inspirational Blogger Award.’ Being new to all of this, I was truly honoured by the gesture. Thank you Jim.

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Tough Chicks

There are some women who send shivers down my spine; women that make me proud and want to stand up and shout out- all the things that I believe in. They might fall, get laughed at, pushed around, told to shut up and it might hurt them- but they get back up and keep shouting. This is what I love so much about The Dixie Chicks.

‘Not Ready to Make Nice.’ The Dixie Chicks.

With Bush in charge and just prior to the war on Iraq: Dixie Chicks’ front lady, Natalie Maines, stood up at a London concert and spoke these words:

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I’ve put on weight…so what?

Famous Magazine Australia

Famous Magazine Australia

Bravo Famous Magazine! Finally- a front cover that grabbed my attention: famous women looking fabulous and healthy. Not only that- but they have NOT been airbrushed. Beautiful, fresh, real women, outdoors and having fun- this is what I want to see.

Now, the only thing that RUINED it was the title. The focus (shock of all shocks) is on weight. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Weight, the focus… again?

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Weighing Me Down

Dear 14

Dear 14-year-old self,

You will flip through countless magazines and compare yourself to beautiful, alien-like, re-touched models and wonder why you don’t look like that. You will hate your thighs and be terrified of wearing a bikini, just in case someone sees how imperfect you are.

Boyfriends will call you names, in jest, and it will hurt you deeply. You will poke, prod, diet, binge-eat and hate your body. You will hate your body so much, that you will find it hard to even look in the mirror.

But I have some advice for you babe: it’s all bullshit.

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Battling Horrible Strangers and Internet Trolls


I once read something that has really stuck with me. In fact I use it nearly every day, when some unimportant person does something to irk me. For example: not letting me merge onto the highway, while I’m doing 110kmph, with my 6-month-old daughter in the back seat. I would grit my teeth and repeat: ‘Serenity now. Serenity now.’ This would usually result in a massive migraine and I would end up feeling like that (insert desired cuss word here) was never going to learn a thing, unless I did something about it. Like what you ask? I don’t know; some horrible, unimaginable thing. Continue reading