HMC Reviews My Novel, ‘Dead Assets’

Don Miskel


There is nothing more flattering than to have my work held in such high esteem by a fellow scribbler. That’s a LOT for a horror novel featuring flesh-eating rascals and some much-deserving prey… LOL! Anyway, you can judge for yourself when you pick up a copy and share your thoughts. For the time being, here’s HMC’s review of my novel, Dead Assets:

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Dead Assets and Wyrmwood, Road of the Dead

Zombies Done to Death? That’s the way I like it.

IZombies don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of zombies, vampires, witches, and werewolves. To me, they’re like writing about love or doing a comedy. It’s good, clean (well, not really clean) fun. There is only one thing that will make me switch off a movie or close a book and that’s a pissweak storyline. So if you’re over zombies, stop now, turn around, and take a kick in the pants, but keep in mind you’ll be missing out on some cool stuff.


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