Antiques and Oddities Mount Tamborine

I had a wonderful weekend away with hubby. We went ALL THE WAY up to Mount Tamborine (a whopping 20 minutes away from where we live). We had a great time eating at cafes and sleeping in!

One of the highlights was definitely the Antiques and Oddities ‘shack’ we  thought we might mosey on into.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine

This is Keith being like an “American Picker” except that we couldn’t actually buy anything.

There were two reasons we couldn’t buy anything that day: the first being that we’re renting while we build so I have NO SPACE for new stuff. And secondly, we’re building, so we have no money to spend anyway. Otherwise, I would have come home with a boat load of extremely cool and quirky bits.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine6

This little baby, The Grave Digger, would have been my first offer, but I don’t think she was for sale. She comes fitted with your own personal coffin. Super!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine2

Wandering into the United States of MERCA

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine5

Please excuse my original attire from the set of GAME OF THRONES — I feel a little overdressed. (Yes, I would wear this in public).

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine7

OLD BOOKS. Nuff said.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine10

This stuff was so gorgeous. I could have easily spent hundreds. I’m not sure if any of it was functional, but WOW!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine17

Oh, I say, young chap, would you like some skulls with your medical instruments? Don’t mind if I do!

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine14

Creepy doll alert! Yes, there were a few. I promise not to buy one. Pediophobia is a real thing, people.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine13

These would be gorgeous all cleaned up.

Antiques and Oddities Mt Tamborine8

This fridge is around a tonne, but it’s goin’ straight to the pool room.

There’s a huge possibility that we’ll head back there when the time comes to decorate our new house. Not sure everyone will love the décor, but hey, not many people would LOVE Antiques and Oddities like Keith and I did. We weren’t too sure about the stuffed doberman or the carved satanic goat’s heads, but each to their own.

It was a highlight of our visit and I recommend you take a peek inside, even for interest’s sake.






HMC Reviews My Novel, ‘Dead Assets’

Don Miskel


There is nothing more flattering than to have my work held in such high esteem by a fellow scribbler. That’s a LOT for a horror novel featuring flesh-eating rascals and some much-deserving prey… LOL! Anyway, you can judge for yourself when you pick up a copy and share your thoughts. For the time being, here’s HMC’s review of my novel, Dead Assets:

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Dead Assets and Wyrmwood, Road of the Dead

Zombies Done to Death? That’s the way I like it.

IZombies don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of zombies, vampires, witches, and werewolves. To me, they’re like writing about love or doing a comedy. It’s good, clean (well, not really clean) fun. There is only one thing that will make me switch off a movie or close a book and that’s a pissweak storyline. So if you’re over zombies, stop now, turn around, and take a kick in the pants, but keep in mind you’ll be missing out on some cool stuff.


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Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Mods, Oh My!

I love tattoos.

I have since I was twelve years old, and I started copying them out of magazines 66442_10150670872028303_1038181154_nin the motorcycle garage belonging to a friend of the family. It’s how I learned to draw. Well, how I got started, anyway. The moment I found out you could create a piece of art, put it on your body, and it would stay there, I was in awe. And I was definitely getting one. One day.

I had my angel drawn and ready to go when I was 16, and got it at 18. My ‘two year rule’ started from there. You see, people regret tattoos sometimes, and I don’t want to end up one of those people. My rule is I can’t get a tattoo done unless I’ve liked the idea for over two years. It’s why I only have a few, and I’m not yet covered.

I often have people stare, and not always in a good way, but most of the time, I don’t really care. People need to understand something about those that have tattoos, piercings, and body mods.


To some, TATTOOS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Continue reading

GLB46 by HMC

My latest short story 🙂

Out of Print

hmc glb46 I knew the GLB46 Program was wrong. But I had a choice, be wrong, or lose my mind.

Nessy dragged me to the car. I couldn’t quite remember why I was angry at her, so I pulled in the opposite direction toward our waterside mansion where I’d rather be in front of my big-screen TV. Almost bowled her backward at one stage. Poor old girl. I was stubborn as an old nail, and I wasn’t coming out for her. Not today. My shows were on. She was making me miss my shows. San Tracey Murdock was about to shoot the bad guy, and he’d been aiming all season. Damned if I’d miss it. Damned woman!

‘Get in the car, you buggar!’ She pulled my arm. Strong grasp this one. I taught her that. Was all right to be a strong girl. Nothin’ wrong with being able to beat up the…

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Raising a Fierce Daughter


The good thing about my two and a half year-old daughter, Charlotte, is that she’s fierce.

The bad thing is … she’s fierce.

Raising a fiery girl can be tiresome, but at the end of the day, I can put my feet up and safely say I’m proud to be her mamma.

Battle on!


Charlie is her new raincoat. She wouldn't take it off in 40 degree heat. I had to bribe her.

Charlie in her new raincoat. She wouldn’t take it off in 40- degree heat. I had to bribe her.

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The Downfall of Diets: Intuitive Eating

The Downfall of Dietshow to eat your cake and wear your skinny jeans too

DISCLAIMER: Josie Spinardi’s (lifetime dieter gone intuitive) book, How to have your Cake and Wear your Skinny Jeans, too: inspired this blog. I highly recommend it for those trying to reconnect with their bodies, and who want to fall back in love with food.


I’ve been a dieter since I was young, ridiculously young. And I can safely say, from decades of experience, they don’t work for me.

Diets will not make me a healthy person.

For the past few years my relationship with food has been evolving. Frankly, I’d had enough of seeing food as the enemy. Wasn’t it supposed to nourish and sustain me, not give me night terrors? Argh! The giant donuts are coming to eat me! Why was food a difficult thing? I was so good with money, loved my career, had a phenomenal family life, and wonderful friends. I had SO much love to give, why, oh why, couldn’t I just have a healthy, loving relationship with food?




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Hammered: Memoir of an Addict


Hammered by GN Braun


You know when you watch a movie or read a book and it stays with you, like the Titanic, or Once Were Warriors? Well for me, Hammered is going to be one of those books. To the tune of Candy (a movie I’ll never forget) with a male protagonist who happens to be sharing his true story, Hammered is revealing, raw, and filled with the stuffing of a mother’s nightmare. Continue reading