Authors For Charity and Tania Elizabeth

Shine on

I’m all for authors for charity. This week I am hosting a blog for Tania Elizabeth, a local author on the Gold Coast, who is raising money for the Starlight Foundation. What a great cause.

Tania Elizabeth is a mother first and foremost and the author of The Tier of Eternal Grace. Book One The Moon Clearing was released earlier this year. Book Two The Mirrors Shadow will be released about September. Book Three will then follow in the early part of 2014.

The Tier of Eternal Grace is a captivating fantasy of magic and passion, wound into the truths of reality that will enchant readers with its depiction of the faerie realm, and the exploits of the faeries themselves. Book One of the series The Moon Clearing is an immersive tale of mysticism and adventure, of spiritual and sensual intent that shall enrapture your every sense.

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Religion, Blood Transfusions and Childrens’ Rights.

Christopher Horn

This week I have a special guest blogger, who dissects a controversial issue, in the medical field.

“Christopher Horn is an Australian-trained Radiation Therapist who has worked in the United Kingdom and Australia in a number of highly specialised clinical roles, including molecular imaging and paediatric radiation oncology. Strongly focussed on the delivery of safe, high-quality health care, he has also advocated for clinical users and patients in the development of medical devices in an international setting. Christopher is an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Management with a Masters of Health Management Degree from UNSW, and is currently undertaking a management residency program.”

Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice. Views are strictly the author’s own and do not reflect those of his employer.

Parental primacy in paediatric treatment decision making and the ethical legitimacy of intervention by the state (2010)


A three year old boy has presented at a paediatric unit and been diagnosed with leukaemia. Proposed treatment requires several courses of chemotherapy that will put the boy’s immune system into such a compromised state that he will require stem cell rescue and blood transfusion. Medical consensus is that his chances for survival are approximately 70% but without this treatment he will certainly die of his condition. His parents, devout Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW), refuse to consent to this treatment as it goes against their understanding of God’s teachings and they believe will cause God to forsake their child and, if they consent, the church to potentially ex-communicate the entire family (Muramoto, 1999).

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Bitter and Wiser

When I look at you and rage envelopes me, I am using you as my excuse.
I won’t have to look at myself.
I won’t have to examine my insides.
And that’s the easiest way,
The only way,
For me to run from whatever it is
That’s tearing me up.
My pain is your fault.
Your pain is mine.
And we dance this dance together, for all of our days.
Why would any other way be better?

Raising Holistic Children

Raising Holistic Chidlren HMCThis article was first published in the BORN ORGANIZED MAGAZINE. Subscribe HERE.

It used to take a community of people to raise a child. Children were not just the responsibility of one parent, but they were the responsibility of an entire group. They had to get their hands dirty and get out in nature, they had to practise a religion and look after each other. Back then, raising holistic children came naturally, because there was no other choice.

Choice is a good thing, though, right?

So in this day and age, how do we make sure that our children find a purpose in life, not only through academia, but through connections with nature, the community and charitable values? Is it possible? Of course it is!
I’m a huge advocate for the Holistic Approach, and as a teacher, I strive to embed it into my everyday lessons. Here are a few ways that parents can get on board, too. Continue reading