Save The Elephant Foundation- By Lauren Shuttleworth

Beautiful Medo - she has terrible injuries from her time in a forced breeding program

Beautiful Medo – she has terrible injuries from her time in a forced breeding program

Elephants were never my favourite animal as a child. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always found them beautiful and majestic, I was just somewhat obsessed with kittens for a while. It was Mum who truly loved them, although I’m not actually sure why. There was just something about elephants she found particularly wonderful.

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The food revolution, fad, trend or social enterprise?

by Halinka Panzera

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution can teach us much about social enterprise strategy. In trying to change the way we eat he has implemented a comprehensive multi media campaign. What makes it a social enterprise and not advertising is the fact that it is public education. He is concerned about the quality of food people are consuming and how it affects their health. His approach involves a genuine focus on food issues as they relate to the end user. Through his attention on the health needs of the population his brand becomes strengthened.

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Raven HMC

Lurking in the corner of a seemingly clear conscious, you ravage me in your ungracious attempt to kill me off.

Black Crow Preacher entwined in hate and soulless garble, spraying words of death sentences, you throw your noose over the heads of children and innocent alike.
You damn us with your spin on life; bittersweet revenge in the guise of something noble- we see though, but only when we’re looking.
Making once gullible hope your guilty pleasure- taking all and leaving nothing with your ego- driven nonsense. I won’t listen.

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Shhhhhh, The Kids Can Hear You.


Teaching your children to love their bodies is not going to work.

Unless, you are extremely consistent, often discuss putting nutritious food and water into your body for fuel and never talk about weight loss. And if that’s the case, good for you!

Children hear every word we say and if on one hand we are telling them to love and look after their bodies, then on the other hand criticising our own, they are going to pick up mixed messages. Trust me, as a teacher, kids pick up EVERYTHING. They are such clever, little beings.

So for me, I’m calling for surrender. I’m not going to teach my daughter Charlotte that she ‘has to’ or ‘should’ love her body. I’m going to teach her that a large part of the Western world has completely forgotten how, and it is my greatest wish that we could all relearn it. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if children could teach the adults of the world how to love themselves again?

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As I Breathe Deeply


As I breathe deeply, I am connected to the wind.

As I drink deeply, I am connected to the water.

As I walk gently, I am connected to the Earth.

As I bask lovingly, I am connected to the Sun.

I am the feminie and the masculine-

giving thanks to both the Mother and the Father.

 Blessed be.




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