The Perks of Teaching

Those who know me, know how much I love being a teacher. Some days you leave a HMC Teaching2classroom thinking, ‘wow that day was spawned from hell,’ but there are many days when you’re lifted up so high, that you think you’ll never come down again. I adore working with children. They’re inquisitive, now-focussed, generally happy and most of all FUNNY.
In fact, their humour is one of the greatest perks of the job.
A friend recently reminded me, with her son’s homework (that included the answer: elephant shit) just how funny kids can be. Mostly, it reminded me of all the times I’ve had to keep a straight face, in the classroom, and almost failed.
Here are some examples … could you keep a straight face?
(I’ve changed the names out of respect for the children) Continue reading


Raising Holistic Children

Raising Holistic Chidlren HMCThis article was first published in the BORN ORGANIZED MAGAZINE. Subscribe HERE.

It used to take a community of people to raise a child. Children were not just the responsibility of one parent, but they were the responsibility of an entire group. They had to get their hands dirty and get out in nature, they had to practise a religion and look after each other. Back then, raising holistic children came naturally, because there was no other choice.

Choice is a good thing, though, right?

So in this day and age, how do we make sure that our children find a purpose in life, not only through academia, but through connections with nature, the community and charitable values? Is it possible? Of course it is!
I’m a huge advocate for the Holistic Approach, and as a teacher, I strive to embed it into my everyday lessons. Here are a few ways that parents can get on board, too. Continue reading