Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Mods, Oh My!

I love tattoos.

I have since I was twelve years old, and I started copying them out of magazines 66442_10150670872028303_1038181154_nin the motorcycle garage belonging to a friend of the family. It’s how I learned to draw. Well, how I got started, anyway. The moment I found out you could create a piece of art, put it on your body, and it would stay there, I was in awe. And I was definitely getting one. One day.

I had my angel drawn and ready to go when I was 16, and got it at 18. My ‘two year rule’ started from there. You see, people regret tattoos sometimes, and I don’t want to end up one of those people. My rule is I can’t get a tattoo done unless I’ve liked the idea for over two years. It’s why I only have a few, and I’m not yet covered.

I often have people stare, and not always in a good way, but most of the time, I don’t really care. People need to understand something about those that have tattoos, piercings, and body mods.


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Raising a Fierce Daughter


The good thing about my two and a half year-old daughter, Charlotte, is that she’s fierce.

The bad thing is … she’s fierce.

Raising a fiery girl can be tiresome, but at the end of the day, I can put my feet up and safely say I’m proud to be her mamma.

Battle on!


Charlie is her new raincoat. She wouldn't take it off in 40 degree heat. I had to bribe her.

Charlie in her new raincoat. She wouldn’t take it off in 40- degree heat. I had to bribe her.

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Parenthood and Writing: How do you do it?

This is a great question. People ask me a lot.

I have two under two and still manage to write. How do I it? Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes there is absolutely no possible way I can write a single word, because I’m having a day spawned from the fiery pits of hell. Or sometimes, I write five lines. OR sometimes I write for an hour. It ALL depends on several things, but the most important one is this: I have to decide to do it. I have to go through extreme decision making processes that involve being selfish for a nanosecond. And, I have to be creative with my timing.

Jack July 14

My little man. Yes he is as cheeky as he looks.

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The Teenage Brain by HMC

Kevin BBC

Kevin BBC

Poor teenagers. They get such a bad rap. Us oldies forget we used to be one. We forget what it used to be like to be the only person that ever felt anything, or had a remarkable thought. I remember sitting in my room for hours on end writing poetry and painting. While I wallowed in my own self misery, I may have forgotten to do the dishes, but I certainly wasn’t hurting anyone. I believed that no adult would ever understand me. And in some ways, I was right. Our teens have a pretty bad name with the oldies, and in most cases, it’s just not fair.

I had some readers send me some questions a while back and thought I’d try my hand at pulling them apart. I don’t have a teenager, but I do work with them. Message me in ten years when I do have one and we’ll laugh together at some of my attempted answers. Continue reading

For My Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,HMC Writer

Most advice that people give you will fall upon deaf ears until you’ve experienced it for yourself, so go make your own mistakes.

Regardless of the fact our advice is useful only AFTER you’ve made those mistakes, (you’ll turn and say, ‘oh that’s what you were talking about’) I’ll still give it to you anyway.

Learn to laugh at yourself and others, but never put yourself down to make others feel better.

Never try to achieve the ‘body’ the media is telling you should achieve. It will change, and you’ll always be unhappy. Treat your body with love and respect, and it will do the same for you.

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Raising Holistic Children

Raising Holistic Chidlren HMCThis article was first published in the BORN ORGANIZED MAGAZINE. Subscribe HERE.

It used to take a community of people to raise a child. Children were not just the responsibility of one parent, but they were the responsibility of an entire group. They had to get their hands dirty and get out in nature, they had to practise a religion and look after each other. Back then, raising holistic children came naturally, because there was no other choice.

Choice is a good thing, though, right?

So in this day and age, how do we make sure that our children find a purpose in life, not only through academia, but through connections with nature, the community and charitable values? Is it possible? Of course it is!
I’m a huge advocate for the Holistic Approach, and as a teacher, I strive to embed it into my everyday lessons. Here are a few ways that parents can get on board, too. Continue reading

Teenagers Today

When you think of the word ‘teenager’ what comes to mind?


If you said something kind, you’d be one of a few. So why do our teens rub so many of us the wrong way? Is it the attitude? The inability to listen? The random acts of ‘ridiculous’, where we hit ourselves in the forehead and say, ‘what the hell were you thinking?’

Teenagers need to argue – it’s part of their biological make-up. They need to see authority as the enemy, holding them back, it’s part of their development on the way to becoming a healthy, well-adjusted adult. That’s a whole other story, though. Have a look.

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