Stealth Infections and Mental Illness

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Stealth bacterial or viral infections can lie dormant, and then become active, but remain hidden. Specific bacteria passed on through ticks, known as ‘Borrellia’, don’t have a rigid cell wall, and can change cells, and produce toxins within them. Another example is ‘Bartonella’ or cat scratch disease. And it’s now found everywhere:

‘in domestic dogs, cats, cows, and rodents which can act as bacterial reservoirs. Fleas, lice – and possibly ticks – also act as repositories for different strains of the bacteria.’ ~ Bartonella, the Stealth Pathogen.

The most worrisome thing is, stealth infections may lead to all sorts of chronic illnesses: Continue reading


Aaron’s Gluten-Free Fitness Journey

I’ve been following Aaron for a while now, and he has been an inspiration to my health journey.

Wheat and dairy are a huge part of our diets nowadays. I got pretty sick on my trip to Italy, and I found out I had a small gluten intolerance (how can you say no to bread in Italy?). My daughter, Charlotte, also had an intolerance for dairy when she was born. It got me to thinking, how many of us out there could correlate the way we feel to the amount of gluten or Casein that we put in our bodies? (Casein has a wide variety of uses, from being a major component of cheese, to use as a food additive, to a binder for safety matches).

Some of us can stomach it, some of us can’t, and at the end of the day, how good is it for us?

What inspired you to go gluten free?

A few years ago I started getting unexplained digestion issues and skin rashes which initially I brushed off as a side effect of a bad diet. Eventually it really started to bother me so I began going to multiple doctors and dermatologist but no one could tell me what was wrong. After about a year and a half I gave up and thought I would have to live with these issues forever. It was suggested to me in passing that I try a naturopathic physician so I made an appointment. She ran a few allergy tests and that same appointment told me to cut gluten out of my diet. Since then I have been trying to avoid gluten and feel wonderful. (as you can see in the photos my skin is a little irritated, had some toast this week)

IMG_1735What difference has it made to how you feel?

Since cutting gluten out of my diet my digestion has improved immensely and my skin irritations have stopped. When I do occasionally have gluten now I get stomach aches and horrible rashes on my skin that itch like crazy. They itch so much at times that I bleed from scratching so much. Going gluten free has been super for my healthy lifestyle change because gluten happens to be in almost all processed and boxed foods so it’s easy for me to say no to quick junk foods.



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‘Why Sarcoidosis Lyme Australia?’

My chosen charity Sarcoidosis Lyme Australia, is very personal and close to my heart

Coleen Coates

Coleen Coates

There is not enough known about either diseases, here in Australia – and that’s the problem. Today I interview a very important person, my mum, Coleen.  Mum is currently winning the fight against Lyme Disease, although some days it’s a battle for her to get out of bed.

Here’s her story.

Tell us about your journey from falling ill, to being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

It was around April 2010 that I knew I had to see a doctor. I was feeling sicker and sicker. Doctor after doctor and test after test revealed nothing. They had no idea what was wrong with me. A Naturopath suggested Chronic Fatigue and put me on medication.

I knew it wasn’t that.

Finally, in my attempt to figure it all out, I came across an article on Lyme disease. I knew I had it. I had all the symptoms.

It was difficult to find anyone who knew about Lyme disease, especially testing, and I had to travel to Coffs Harbour. Australian Biologics came back with my answer.

I tested positive for Lyme.

I finally knew what was wrong. It was, in some way, a relief.

It took a long time to get to that point, though – far longer than it should have. Continue reading

Religion, Blood Transfusions and Childrens’ Rights.

Christopher Horn

This week I have a special guest blogger, who dissects a controversial issue, in the medical field.

“Christopher Horn is an Australian-trained Radiation Therapist who has worked in the United Kingdom and Australia in a number of highly specialised clinical roles, including molecular imaging and paediatric radiation oncology. Strongly focussed on the delivery of safe, high-quality health care, he has also advocated for clinical users and patients in the development of medical devices in an international setting. Christopher is an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Management with a Masters of Health Management Degree from UNSW, and is currently undertaking a management residency program.”

Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice. Views are strictly the author’s own and do not reflect those of his employer.

Parental primacy in paediatric treatment decision making and the ethical legitimacy of intervention by the state (2010)


A three year old boy has presented at a paediatric unit and been diagnosed with leukaemia. Proposed treatment requires several courses of chemotherapy that will put the boy’s immune system into such a compromised state that he will require stem cell rescue and blood transfusion. Medical consensus is that his chances for survival are approximately 70% but without this treatment he will certainly die of his condition. His parents, devout Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW), refuse to consent to this treatment as it goes against their understanding of God’s teachings and they believe will cause God to forsake their child and, if they consent, the church to potentially ex-communicate the entire family (Muramoto, 1999).

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