The Downfall of Diets: Intuitive Eating

The Downfall of Dietshow to eat your cake and wear your skinny jeans too

DISCLAIMER: Josie Spinardi’s (lifetime dieter gone intuitive) book, How to have your Cake and Wear your Skinny Jeans, too: inspired this blog. I highly recommend it for those trying to reconnect with their bodies, and who want to fall back in love with food.


I’ve been a dieter since I was young, ridiculously young. And I can safely say, from decades of experience, they don’t work for me.

Diets will not make me a healthy person.

For the past few years my relationship with food has been evolving. Frankly, I’d had enough of seeing food as the enemy. Wasn’t it supposed to nourish and sustain me, not give me night terrors? Argh! The giant donuts are coming to eat me! Why was food a difficult thing? I was so good with money, loved my career, had a phenomenal family life, and wonderful friends. I had SO much love to give, why, oh why, couldn’t I just have a healthy, loving relationship with food?




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Toddlers and Healthy Eating.

Toddlers and healthy eating.


Dear God, give me strength.

I had the idea stuck in my head that it would be easy … if I just gave Charlie the good stuff early and got her used to it from the start … HAHAHAHA. Don’t we change our tunes when we become parents? Many ideas (IDEALS) we have about parenting truly do change, and we pull our heads out of our butts and realise we’re more human than we realised. In fact, we’re damned-well flawed.

So, I’ve tried everything to get her to eat fresh vegetables, as every ‘good’ parent should. Here’s a compilation of pictures of one of our more recent escapades.

Veggie Idea Toddle

Here is a wonderfully exciting and delicious fruit man face. It has a couple of fresh vegetables thrown into the mix. We had lots of fun talking about eating each of his features. Continue reading

Pedigree Dentastix and Doggy Epilepsy

"Fin" Having a snooze, only to be woken by the crazy lady with the camera.

“Fin” Having a snooze, only to be woken by the crazy lady with the camera.

Around six months ago we ended up at the vet with our Finnish Lapphund, Fin. It was terrifying. My relaxed, easy going (sometimes a little slow in comparison to our intelligent Keeshond, Pudding) was all of a sudden whacking out.

He was barking at the fence, something either dogs rarely do, and then came the frothing. Fin was rubbing himself against the panels as if trying to get something off him and the foam from his mouth had me scared he’d tried to engulf a toad. I’d seen it before in my mother’s Bull Terrier, Milly, who thankfully survived (rest her soul now, our beautiful family dog). I got hubby and he freaked out so much so, that all of a sudden I became the brains of the business, and he the brawn. We lifted him and took him to the vet emergency clinic.
After an examination and blood test, Finny boy came back fine. Right as rain, in fact. Ants? A spider? The vet wasn’t so sure, but we could go home. So, we let it go. Continue reading