Raising a Fierce Daughter


The good thing about my two and a half year-old daughter, Charlotte, is that she’s fierce.

The bad thing is … she’s fierce.

Raising a fiery girl can be tiresome, but at the end of the day, I can put my feet up and safely say I’m proud to be her mamma.

Battle on!


Charlie is her new raincoat. She wouldn't take it off in 40 degree heat. I had to bribe her.

Charlie in her new raincoat. She wouldn’t take it off in 40- degree heat. I had to bribe her.

Dinnertime Death Match

This would be funny, except that all she wants are honey sandwiches or cake. Can it be activated manuka honey on multigrain with nutalex and a glass of fruit and vege juice? You bet. But it had better be a bloody sandwich … or a cake.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 0


Toilet Tug-O-War

Peeing is boring, apparently. Like,  “Imma scream the house down if you make me pee,” boring. Unless of course, Mummy plays ‘toilet choo choo train’ and piggy backs me there.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 0


I'm far too cool for all of you punks.

I’m far too cool for you, Mum.


Mother of the Year

Charlotte is so protective of her baby brother that she knows what he needs better than I do.  If I include her in the process, life is just so much easier.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 1


Jack and Charlie at the park. She's telling Jack what he's allowed to eat.

Jack and Charlie at the park. She’s telling Jack what he’s allowed to eat.


Don’t Touch my Music

If I have to listen to Dorothy the Dinosaur sing that damn Doctor song one more time I’m gonna…

Charlotte: 10

Mummy: – 10


Shower Power

I’ve never met a person who despises having a shower more than her. And she prefers them to baths. Probably because she can tetter at the edge, dipping body parts in every now and then, and pretending she’s clean.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 0


On the other hand, having a fierce little miss for a daughter is an absolute blessing, and I wouldn’t have her any other way.


Breezy Baby

She can sit for over half an hour on an activity.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 10




Miss Clever

She wants to know everything, and soaks it all up.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 10


Book Worm Nanna

She can read for an hour.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 10



Bedtime Beauty

She sleeps like a dream.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 50


After Dreamworld with Nanna and Pop.

After Dreamworld with Nanna and Pop.

Miss Independent

She wants to know how to do everything, and tries her best, even when things get hard.

Charlotte: 10

Mummy: 10


At Southbank.

At Southbank.


Sissy Sweetheart

I wish I had her for a big sister. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

Charlotte: 1

Mummy: 100


My little munchkin might be fierce, but I still win. Sometimes all I have to do is remind myself it’s worth the battle.


Charlie and Daddy dancing at Nanna's 80th.

Charlie and Daddy dancing at Nanna’s 80th.






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7 thoughts on “Raising a Fierce Daughter

  1. Having had 3 boys and their energies and diversities and their music and their panics and loves, I smile when I hear someone coo “We have a new baby” because I know what is in their future store.
    I wouldn’t trade it, a minute of it, but I never felt the urge to cry so much or cried so freely as if it would never cease until they were wakened by a bad dream, had a tummy ache, had their heart broken or went to war.
    On the other hand, I never tire of their calls or their hugs and Hello Dad!
    Thanks HMC…

    • No, thank YOU. I totally get it. I’ve never been so rubbed raw, but never felt so much love!

      Wow, three boys. That’s impressive. My youngest is a nine-month-old smiley boy who won’t stop moving. He’s hilarious, but man-oh-man the energy he requires.

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