Parenthood and Writing: How do you do it?

This is a great question. People ask me a lot.

I have two under two and still manage to write. How do I it? Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes there is absolutely no possible way I can write a single word, because I’m having a day spawned from the fiery pits of hell. Or sometimes, I write five lines. OR sometimes I write for an hour. It ALL depends on several things, but the most important one is this: I have to decide to do it. I have to go through extreme decision making processes that involve being selfish for a nanosecond. And, I have to be creative with my timing.

Jack July 14

My little man. Yes he is as cheeky as he looks.

I’m only writing this because I have a spare ten minutes … literally. Maybe not even that. My toddler will come in any second demanding my attention, or my baby will wake up screaming because he has his first tooth coming early. So, rather than CLEAN or do the washing right now, I’m choosing to do this.


My little girl is almost two.

My little girl is almost two and loves to play dress ups. She’s at the age where she’s always on the go.

Aghhhh see, gotta go. Screaming baby.

I’m back, but who knows how long I’ll have this time? Let’s get back to the question … how do you do it? Well, NIKE put it better than anyone else, you just do it.

You do it because you love it.

Dream about it.

Can’t live without it.

Need an outlet.

Need a bullet.

Need a vodka on the rocks.

Need a moment where you think of nothing but yourself and that’s okay because it makes you a better mummy or daddy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I can’t stand a sticky kitchen floor, but I can’t stand to go long without writing either. So put down your mop and go to the beach, or play with your dogs, or watch Dowton Abbey. And if writing is what you love, DO that. Write at 4am or while your toddler sits on the potty. Write when The Wiggles is on. Write with your baby in a one arm, typing one-handed (it may need an edit later). Write a poem on toilet paper, or a song with food on the kitchen bench, it doesn’t matter. Just make the choice to do it and the Universe will somehow orchestrate your world around the seemingly impossible, most days.

Do what you love. It’ll make you a happier parent. I promise.





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