My Little Surburban Vegetable Garden

I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables, and eventually, fruit trees. However, I’ve never had the space to do it, until we bought our house.

My father in law built me this 3 by 4 metre squared patch, and I absolutely LOVE it.

Inspired by a friend, Carson, who posts about her amazing garden (mine is laughable in comparison … check it out HERE) I thought I’d share. Why? Because I sin in pride.


This is my space! It’s spring here in Australia. I planted a few things recently and they are coming along beautifully.


Chillies. These babies have been there for two years now and soon I’ll transfer them into large pots. They are much hotter this year than the year before.

Capsicum HMC

Capsicum. If you look closely, in the centre, you can see my little green capsicum. This plant is also 2 years old and the capsicums are much bigger than they were last year. I’ll move these ones into pots when they’re strong enough, too.

Rosemary HMC Thyme HMC Rosemary and Thyme. These suckers have been around for about two and half years now. I love my rosemary and thyme with a good Sunday roast.


These baby lettuce were planted right at the end of winter. They’re are a month and a half old.


This plant was an accident. Last year I saw some white cucumber for sale at Bunnings. It was the perfect time to plant them but one thing I DIDN’T research was how much space they took up. This baby started to take over my entire patch, so I had to move it, and it sadly died from shock. Well, this year it’s all of a sudden popped up again. I’ll pull it out soon and try to nurture it. Where the heck will I put it, though?


Parsley. This plant is way bigger than it looks, at around 60 cm wide. There’s only so much parsley you need. I’m thinking of creating a vertical herb garden with small pots.


Tomatoes. Once upon a time, I didn’t love tomatoes. Things have changed since then but it seems the tomatoes remember and they haven’t forgiven me. My last batch grew beautifully and didn’t ripen (not enough sun). This batch are taking a long time to grow (too much sun) but I may have found the answer. I was chatting to random person at an event about my tomatoes, as you do, and she said to feed them once a week. I’m going to give it a try.

Maybe, in about a month or two, I’ll be able to make an entire salad with all of my own ingredients. Hubby said, except the cheese, as apparently I’m not allowed a dairy cow. Can’t for the life of me understand why.

Thanks for the visit



Hayley Merelle Clearihan


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