You Live in a World Where …

DISCLAIMER: This rant is from a fictional character, from a fictional story.

Meet George.  

‘You live in a world where it’s more important to look like you’re starving to death, than it is to be healthy.

You live in a world where everyone is stuck in the past or the future – and spends most of their day there, never actually looking at what’s going on around them

You’re more afraid of a tattooed, out-spoken woman than you are of a man who runs your country and tells you what to think.

You’re afraid of speaking to your adolescent children and connecting with other humans, because you fear what they might think of you.

You have no idea how to love yourself.

You gage success upon how much paper you stack, and that’s all it is … paper.

You need other peoples’ permission to be who you are.

You’re so afraid of yourself that you can’t even look in the mirror without criticising.

Why? Because that’s what you were taught to do and that’s what you teach your children.

You live in a world where you could feed the entire population and live sustainably, yet people are dying of starvation.

You’re more afraid of standing still and quiet, than you are of rush hour traffic.

You put poison in your body and ask why you’re sick.

But do you know what the funniest thing of ALL is?


You call ME crazy.’


George Barter (Narcissist)




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