Common Insanity

We often hold a distorted view of ourselves.
Whether it be to do with our intellect, our looks, our physical capabilities.
Through our reality, and experiences, we plot out a schema of who we are.
Others can poke and prod.
But at the end of the day, we have to make a choice.
There is only one person who allows certain restraints to debilitate us.
What we choose to believe about ourselves affects our daily interactions, the way we hold ourselves, our bodies, self-talk, our relationships and so, basically everything important to us.
This Dove campaign is pretty awesome. Not because I like the soap, but because it shows evidence of the common insanity that lives within us … the lurking undercurrent, waiting to pull us under. One, that should be observed, and checked, as often as one remembers to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Common Insanity

    • It has taken off here in Australia, somewhat. My fingers are crossed that it will keep going. Dove does ‘real women’ model searches and it’s just lovely to see beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. I recently heard a grade one girl talking about weight. It’s just got to stop.

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