Teenagers Today

When you think of the word ‘teenager’ what comes to mind?


If you said something kind, you’d be one of a few. So why do our teens rub so many of us the wrong way? Is it the attitude? The inability to listen? The random acts of ‘ridiculous’, where we hit ourselves in the forehead and say, ‘what the hell were you thinking?’

Teenagers need to argue – it’s part of their biological make-up. They need to see authority as the enemy, holding them back, it’s part of their development on the way to becoming a healthy, well-adjusted adult. That’s a whole other story, though. Have a look.

But guess what? You were probably like that, too. Yes, you. I know I was. It astounds me how much flak we give our youths, today. As if ‘in our day’ we were so much better. Come on…be honest.

Not only do our teens get a raw deal, but it’s partly our fault – why? Because we’re soft.

Think about it. Why were we so well-behaved ‘back in the day?’

‘Back in my day, we used to respect our elders.’ Yeah? That’s because if you didn’t – you’d cop a smack in the gob.

‘Back in my day, we said please and thank you.’ Once again, if you didn’t – you’d get a belt wrapped around your wee bottom.

‘Back in my day, we would play outside all day long.’ Then send your kids outside to play. You’re the adult and you’re the one who ‘trains them.’


And was ‘back in the day’ really that much better? Let’s look at my table, based on no historical evidence, whatsoever.


Back then

Girls dress like escorts.

Girls were an abomination or second-class citizen.

Males beat each other up.

Males beat each other up.

Children are rude to their parents.

Children were rude to their parents behind their backs.

Adolescents know about sex at an early age.

Adolescents knew about sex at an early age and didn’t tell their parents.

Boys wear make-up.

Boys wore make-up and got beaten up and called a ‘sissy’.

People are hurt and beaten to death because they are gay. It outrages many of us.

People were hurt and beaten to death because they were black and many people didn’t mind.



Now I’m getting off track.

But you get my point.

So let’s cut them some slack. I bet you a dollar that one hundred years ago, those teenagers copped the brunt of the adult’s flak, too, and if you were to wander the lonely streets of London at night, you’d hear the raucous protest:

‘Ya know, when I were a spritely brat….’

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