Shhhhhh, The Kids Can Hear You.


Teaching your children to love their bodies is not going to work.

Unless, you are extremely consistent, often discuss putting nutritious food and water into your body for fuel and never talk about weight loss. And if that’s the case, good for you!

Children hear every word we say and if on one hand we are telling them to love and look after their bodies, then on the other hand criticising our own, they are going to pick up mixed messages. Trust me, as a teacher, kids pick up EVERYTHING. They are such clever, little beings.

So for me, I’m calling for surrender. I’m not going to teach my daughter Charlotte that she ‘has to’ or ‘should’ love her body. I’m going to teach her that a large part of the Western world has completely forgotten how, and it is my greatest wish that we could all relearn it. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if children could teach the adults of the world how to love themselves again?

I’m not going to put pressure on her to change things; I’m simply going to wonder with her. I’m going to let her know how it really is, and what my dreams are. Children’s imaginations and ideas are phenomenal. It’s about time we tapped into this clever eagerness, this complete innocence and total unencumbered understanding of the Universe. This would not only give power and a voice back to our children, but imagine who they would become because of it.

Rather than complain about violence, poverty, Governments, global warming and body issues- let’s start discussing it with our children and let them know that we’ve made mistakes and we would love very much to have their help, in fixing them. Imagine a child who looked at a problem, for just long enough, and then turned towards the solution and stayed there.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring, creative and genius- than a child that knows the magnitude of their own power.





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6 thoughts on “Shhhhhh, The Kids Can Hear You.

  1. I love reading your blogs. I may not always log in and like them but that’s me being slack. Your words make me smile or want to change a few things about the way I handle situations or at least give me food for thought. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading and look forward to catching up again in the near future 🙂

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