Tough Chicks

There are some women who send shivers down my spine; women that make me proud and want to stand up and shout out- all the things that I believe in. They might fall, get laughed at, pushed around, told to shut up and it might hurt them- but they get back up and keep shouting. This is what I love so much about The Dixie Chicks.

‘Not Ready to Make Nice.’ The Dixie Chicks.

With Bush in charge and just prior to the war on Iraq: Dixie Chicks’ front lady, Natalie Maines, stood up at a London concert and spoke these words:

‘Just so y’all know, I’m ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.’

Natalie said this, without realising the backlash it was going to have. Country music stations banned their music, there was a public CD burning-filmed and the girls started receiving some serious death threats. Although Natalie has often spoken about how it was one of the toughest things she ever went through- the trio kicked some serious arse with their comeback, 2006 single: ‘Not Ready to Make Nice.’ The video clip shows the girls wiping OIL over their clothes, sitting in front of a white picket fence and writing out lines as punishment for their deeds. Eventually when Natalie is not ‘cured’ she is taken to a psych ward. What a brilliant, brave, crazy and incredible clip. The song ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ has had over 4 million hits on YouTube and is still the number one Dixie Chicks song, to date.

So in the end ladies and gentlemen, we have a choice. When it is time to get back up and dust ourselves off: do we get up slowly and cautiously? Sometimes. Sometimes however, we need to get up swinging.


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