Cryin’ Like a Refugee

Refuge- By Australian Artist and Author HMC

Refuge- By Australian Artist and Author HMC

You come from a war-torn country,

Your children have lived in poverty for so long.

All you want is to feed your babies,

Start a new life, it can’t go wrong.

Hop aboard a boat, to a better place.

It’s terrifying but you take the risk.

It’s not legal to climb aboard this vessel

But it’s gotta be better than all this.

Maybe your kids will grow up happy,

There’s a place you’ve heard that can help you too.

Go to school and even learn a new language.

A place where the people are called ‘True Blue.’

Thank God for this place and these evolved humans-

That want to give others a chance.

Thank God for this country, hallelujah

Your babies, they take quivering your hand.

One more time, say it one more time,

Tell them all how to shush and get back in line.

F**k off we’re full, stop taking our jobs,

There’s no room here, learn English you snobs.

You’re thieving, lying scumbag refugees

Get out of my country, or get on your knees.

Do as I say and do what I do.

You need to turn into me and forget about you.

Refugee lady, why are you crying?

Refugee lady you ungrateful alien.

Refugee lady teach your children-

They’ll never be good enough to be Australian.

Is this the kind of people that we want to be?

Do racist slurs-  make us a real ‘Aussie?’

I’d jump on that boat, if it were me;

Start to look at yourself, not the refugee.


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