I’ve put on weight…so what?

Famous Magazine Australia

Famous Magazine Australia

Bravo Famous Magazine! Finally- a front cover that grabbed my attention: famous women looking fabulous and healthy. Not only that- but they have NOT been airbrushed. Beautiful, fresh, real women, outdoors and having fun- this is what I want to see.

Now, the only thing that RUINED it was the title. The focus (shock of all shocks) is on weight. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Weight, the focus… again?

Imagine if the title had been: ‘These famous women are loving life.’ OR ‘Four amazing women share their success stories.’ If that had been the case- I may have actually bought the magazine.

The worst thing I ever saw in a womens’ magazine was an article about Nicole Richie and how she may have ‘gone too far’- and that she was perhaps, developing anorexia. There were photos of her bones jutting out, poor thing. Then, five pages later, there she was again. But low and behold- guess what the title was, dear friends: ‘What’s Hot.’ There she was- our poor, fragile, little Nicole modelling what was ‘hot’. Hmmmmmm, message here anyone? Vomit!

If we stopped buying magazines with these articles on the cover, then they would stop making them that way. What a shame.

I’m getting off this bandwagon and from this moment on, I pledge to never buy another womens’ magazine, unless the cover promotes health and happiness.

Hopefully, one other person who reads this, will do the same.




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